Environmental, Social and Governance

At BlackGrove, we believe that real estate is much more than stone and mortar. It’s an opportunity to shape the future of our communities. Our commitment to ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) principles is at the heart of our mission, guiding every decision we make.


Prioritizing sustainable practices, optimized energy management and preservation of green spaces.


Community involvement

Activities for tenants, support for local organizations and initiatives for the residents’ well-being.


Transparent governance

Weekly meetings, strategic planning and total transparency on our operations

Strategies and responsibilities

BlackGrove's Eco-responsible strategy

At BlackGrove, we take an eco-responsible approach to all our operations, ensuring that we minimize our ecological footprint while optimizing our residents’ quality of life.

  • Proactive compost management in all our buildings, whether existing or under construction.
  • Allocation of specific budgets for each building.
  • Optimizing energy management to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Investment in green spaces, both internal and external.
  • Commitment to preserving the local environment, including mature trees.
  • Prioritizing the recycling of materials in our construction projects and the furnishing of common areas.
  • Collaboration with local partners such as Renaissance and Marketplace.
  • Distribution of BlackGrove reusable bags to reduce plastic consumption.
  • Extending our marketing strategy while promoting environmentally-friendly practices.

BlackGrove Social Strategy

At BlackGrove, we’re committed to strengthening ties with our tenants and the community. Our social commitment is expressed through various initiatives aimed at enriching the lives of all those around us.

Organization of annual events for our tenants, such as barbecues and outdoor activities.

Allocation of funds to support local events, including field hockey tournaments, figure skating and other community activities.

Setting up a bank of hours to enable our employees to get involved in philanthropic activities, helping disadvantaged people in our region.

Launch of a GMF (Groupe de M├ędecine de Famille) in Saint-Lambert, offering a family doctor to 8,000 Lambert residents without a regular doctor.

A culture focused on well-being, mutual aid and sharing, fostering a positive, collaborative work environment.

BlackGrove Governance Strategy

Governance is at the heart of our success at BlackGrove. Our approach is proactive, transparent and performance-driven. Our operations meet the highest industry standards to serve the best interests of our partners and investors.

Weekly management meetings to discuss and identify opportunities for improvement.

Monthly assessment of results by building, enabling rapid adjustment of the cost structure as required.

Establishment of a five-year strategic plan in 2023 to guide our actions and vision for the years ahead.

Quarterly communication of financial results to our investors and partners, guaranteeing total transparency of our operations.

Creation of an external committee dedicated to identifying best practices and market trends, ensuring that BlackGrove remains at the forefront of the industry.