Our real estate vision

The BlackGrove team’s concept of real estate development involves close collaboration with our partners, a holistic approach to each phase, and the promotion of sustainable development and community.

In this way, we ensure that we offer a complete service to our customers, for whom we adopt a personalized and functional approach, all in line with our principles of economic and ecological progress. We prioritize the restoration of existing buildings, combining the historic architectural imprint with modern principles.

Current Projects

La Maison BlackGrove



Adjacent to our property, Le Lambert

Le Waterhouse

The WaterHouse is currently under study

Contact us to find out more about available locations +1 (514) 570-3672

La Maison


Maison BlackGrove offers office space within a superb century-old property, 20 residential rental units and commercial space.

1 Waterman


This project prioritizes a mix of heights and layouts so as not to restrict the unobstructed view of the city center and the river.

An approach that combines sustainable development and respect for heritage with a modern vision. Focused on collaboration and ecology, the team prioritizes the restoration of historic buildings, the environmental conservation and community involvement, while offering personalized service to its customers.



Prioritize the conservation of mature trees, the creation of community gardens and green roofs. Our projects also focus on energy efficiency.


Conceptualize around the surrounding view of an area with windows, balconies and roof terraces.


The desire to design and build differently, simply based on noble, neutral materials.


Preservation of historical heritage and architecture.


Revive activities in a given sector and exchanges within a community. Building with transparency and consideration for citizens.

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