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BlackGrove is a privately-owned real estate investment company whose projects focus on value creation, return on investment and asset quality. The real estate portfolio consists mainly of multi-residential properties located in prime areas of Greater Montreal.

BlackGrove was founded to establish a pledge of quality and service in the high-end residential market of the greater metropolitan area.






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Associations & Social Commitments

Partnerships For
A Sustainable Future

At BlackGrove, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration. That’s why we’re proud to partner with local organizations that share our values and vision.

These associations enable us not only to strengthen our impact in the real estate sector, but also to make an active contribution to causes close to our hearts.

Why BlackGrove?

The origin of the name BlackGrove comes from its definition and meaning:

“In psychology, the meaning of the color black is symbolic of mystery, power, elegance and sophistication.”

This is the distinctive color of the BlackGrove group. We use this color when refurbishing or developing our facades. This decorative approach allows us to add a touch of elegance and refinement to our properties.

1. The origins of the name “Grove” go back to ancient Anglo-Saxon culture. It comes from the time when a family lived near a group of trees.

2. A road lined with houses and often with trees, especially in a suburban area.

The BlackGrove Group’s head office and the majority of its properties are located in an Anglo-Saxon village on the outskirts of Montreal, renowned for its heritage and mature trees.

Our team

Vincent Martin-R, M.Sc., CPA.

President, Co-Founder

William Ponton-Duvernay


Fabrice Cadillon

Senior Manager


Daniel Serrato

Florence Hamer

Denis Giroux

Julie Larose

Kaitlin Marcoux

Claude Brunet

Enrico Element